Positive Ripples

Personal Growth In A Pandemic


Ready to BE a Positive Ripple?

P.A.V.E. Press is putting together a new collaborative book to inspire hope, faith, & positive growth!  No previous writing experience required! Open to all ages!  I believe goodness can be found in any experience, and that even when we can't clearly see it, in the end, it always prevails. Share any new insight  you've found in this experience, however big or small, so that together we can foster the trust in our growth -as a whole- through it all.  

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This opportunity is for you if:

  • You've always wanted to be published but didn't know how

  • You have a desire to spread light in the world

  • You believe that goodness is available even in the midst of tragedy

  • You've learned something new through the current pandemic and the changes it has imposed on your life

  • You have kids who have learned something new about themselves or their world since all of this started

  • You are willing to share with friends and ask a small launch team to support you

All  The  Deets!

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$10 per submission. Multiples allowed.


Payments will cover all time and costs associated with designing, editing, publishing & advertising the book and all proceeds from book sales will be donated quarterly to Modest Needs Foundation (EIN 47-0863430), a nonprofit providing emergency grants to those in danger of slipping into poverty. 


Submissions must be 100% Yours or Your Child's, not previously published! (Fill out 1 form per submission!)

Anywhere from 50-1000 words prose or poems accepted!


You retain the rights to your work!


Free to provide an additional 150 word author bio if you like, and yes you may include links.

You will submit your story and we take care of the rest - editing, formatting, publishing, promoting & advertising!

You will participate in the launch by inviting 10 people to download for 99 cents and review during launch so that we can achieve Amazon Bestseller!

You will be provided with promotional images to share if you wish!

You will be given access to discounted print copies ordered through the publisher! 

Use the button to pay for your submission & Scroll down to the form to submit

Questions to Guide You If You Need Them

What is one good thing that you've observed in any part of this pandemic situation? (Dig deep, you'll find something)

What is one thing that has really bothered you during this time?

Is there anything you can learn about yourself, others, or the world at large from that observation?

What might that encourage you to feel thankful for?

How might this change the way you look at things moving forward?

Submit Now! (Deadline 9/25)

Please join the authors' FB Group when your submission goes through! Thank You!!

Optional Suggested Format
Paragraph 1
"I used to think (or feel or believe) that....." 
Paragraph 2
"Then, ______________ happended because of the virus and..." Write some things that changed.
Paragraph 3
"Now I know..." Write about what you realized or how your perspective may have shifted during a challenging time.