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Are you ready to break free from emotional overwhelm?

Did you ever wonder why you find yourself feeling emotionally overwhelmed? Like you can't help how you feel even though you know logically that the feeling is not in proportion to the actual triggering event? Emotions from the past are stored in the actual cells, tissues, and organs of your body. When this happens every new emotional reaction is compounded with all of the trapped emotions of the past. These trapped emotions can cause strain on the mental, emotional, and physical self.


The ancient art of Qigong helps to release these emotions while restoring energy, supporting proper physical function, and building resiliency in the present. In this series, Kimber fuses carefully chosen physical movements from a variety of Qigong practices with guided meditation and Qigong Sound Healing (that you will perform yourself!) to release trapped emotions and balance the meridians.

Build awareness of your energy field and how to protect it, learn meditative techniques to keep you balanced, and restore the vitality that emotional chaos exhausts from your body. In just 6 weeks of self-paced 90-120 minute self-study modules packed with information on where this emotional energy is stored and how you can use Qigong to work with it both in the moment and as a preventative measure, you will gain knowledge and tools to help you transform your experience for a lifetime.


Suitable for all levels of strength and fitness. All movements are adaptable to meet your needs.

What You Get:

  • 6 Qigong Video Classes from a Qualified Instructor with all movements broken down in an easy to follow format ($120 value)

  • Easy instruction for modifications to support your individual needs

  • 6 Downloadable Guided Meditations ($120 value)

  • Session notes, diagrams, posture and sound charts for ease of reference

  • Meridian Tapping Instruction for each of 5 emotions (Anger, Worry, Fear, Grief, Despair) plus 1 for overall harmony and balance  ($100 value)

  • Live web-chat with course creator to assist you with any details ($125 value)

  • Membership in a Private Facebook Community of like-minded individuals sharing the journey where any questions can be addressed

  • Techniques that you can use in the moment to maintain your emotional balance (priceless)

  • An understanding of how to reach a meditative calm on your own (priceless)

  • Restored energy and vitality (priceless)

Lifetime Access

Estimated Value - $465

Your Investment- $85


Your Savings Now - $415

Valid Only Until July 30, 2019

About Your Instructor

Kimber Bowers is a Certified Long White Cloud Qigong Instructor and Certified Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner in York, PA. 

In 2002, as a highly sensitive and emotional girl suffering from chronic depression, Kimber "accidentally" discovered a Qigong class in Baltimore's Patterson Park that inspired a sense of belonging, calm, and connection that she had forgotten was possible.  Over the years, she has expanded her practice to support a degenerative spine and to establish a sense of inner peace that can now be maintained in the chaos.  She now teaches Qigong locally at Artemis- The Art of Living and Illuminated Soul Wellness Center and also works with client's individually to find their fulfillment through her business Loving Light Holistic Wellness using an integrative Mind-Body Wellness approach.  Today, as a happy, fulfilled, and successful person and Holistic Wellness professional, it is her goal to share what she has learned and support you on your journey to rediscover the peace within.   


What People Are Saying:

"The Emotional Alchemy Qigong class helped me to take notice to and release, if needed, the emotion held in my body. With a mind-body-spirit connection, I was given tools that can be used in “real life” situations."

Jen Dettinger


"My husband and I love Kimber's Qigong classes. She is very knowledgeable and does a great job teaching about our bodies and emotions. We learned a lot about how our bodies respond to pain and stress and how to properly cope. Kimber is so calm and her voice is so soothing. It's impossible not to feel relaxed and calm after each class."

Lauren Beard

"Kimber's calm voice is so relaxing when trying to clear your thoughts. Each step of the movement is broken down and easy to follow. Even the least of talent and cooridination can follow along in this class. No one is judging you and after awhile, you stop judging yourself. You let yourself get lost in the movement and flow of everything coming together. The words of the affirmation are powerful. After class it makes you think and really wonder about what those words mean to you. This class is an amazing class to let my mind wonder and really connect with my mind and body. You start to find you and figure you out. I would recommend this class to everyone."
 Amanda Cutler Wingert
"This class is dope!  If you are looking for a new way to ground down, this is it.  Most of the movements are simple, but Kimber makes even the challenging ones seem easy by the lightness she brings to it.  And the meditations are awesome if you are looking for a way to relax.  I also really appreciate her session notes and drawings- it makes it easier for me to find and fit in just the part I need most when I am short on time."
Mike Powell

Still Not Sure If It's Right For You?

  • Are you ready to improve your emotional well-being?

  • Do you want to build your resiliency to stress?

  • Are you longing to get in touch with your inner calm?

  • Are you willing to flap like a bird? (Yes, it is a requirement haha)

  • Do you find it hard to just be still yet can sometimes find peace/flow in movement (repetition, rhythm, or business)?

  • Can you commit 15 minutes a day right now to learning tools and relaxing in meditations that once learned can be used in as little as 3-10 minutes to maintain your peace moving forward? 

  •  Will you use simple and subtle tapping or posture techniques in high- stress situations?

  • Are you ready to release the emotions of the past so that you can be fully present today?  

  • Are you looking to bring balance and vitality to your mind, body, and spirit?

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