Life Coaching Facts


1. What does a Life Coach do?


A life coach co-facilitates with you to create and achieve overall goals, specific projects, or general conditions in your personal or professional life.


2. Can you tell me what I need to do?


No.  I am here to assist you in improving your own life.  I will not tell you what to do, as that would be a disservice to you.  I will be honest and direct with you and will present thought-provoking questions as well as a variety of challenging techniques that require self-examination.  It will be your responsibility to decide and act on any plans created in order to create change.  It is your job to commit to the actions you create!  I can support you through that change and help hold you accountable.


3. How much do I have to tell you?


Life Coaching is comprehensive and we will discuss all areas of your life that you are comfortable to discuss.  You may choose what you wish to share, but open and honest sharing is optimal for best results.  This is a judgement free zone!  I am offering you a safe place to examine what you really want in your life and what it will take to get it!  Anything you share is strictly confidential as permissible by law.


4. Is it like therapy?


Coaching is not therapy, counseling or advisement and should not be used as a substitute for professional, legal, medical, or financial advice. Coaching also does not treat mental or physical illness and should not be used to replace treatment by a trained medical professional.  While traditional therapy often focuses on healing issues of the past to manage their effects on our present, coaching emphasizes forward movement. It seeks to meet you where you are and help motivate you to create the future you so desire.  It can be used in conjunction with therapy when advised, but cannot replace it.  

5. What is Team or Communication Coaching and who can benefit?

Team coaching includes fun, interactive activities along with open discussion and reflection to build the strength of your team and the awareness of available support.  Learn effective communication skills to build everyone's focus toward the strength of the whole.  Families, couples, business teams, management executives, and any other type of group unit will benefit from these workshops.  Individuals will feel heard and motivated toward the goals of the team.  Business Coaching begins at one 3 hr workshop for $300.  Family or relationship coaching begins at one 2-hour session for $180.  Multiple sessions will be discounted if booked in advance.