Flower Essences FAQ

1. What are Flower Essences?

Flower Essences are an infusion that holds the energetic impression of a flower.  They are made with a focused spiritual intent by floating the flower in pure water where it is basked in the sun or moon for several hours.  Some of my essences are also infused with gems, stones, & other natural elements. This is done from a state of love and gratitude.  The base is then filtered, diluted, and preserved.  The entire proecess is imbued with Reiki Energy.  The flower is the plant’s outward expression of life force energy.  It is the plant’s full expression of all that it is!  This energy is captured or copied in the essence and when taken through the essence this energy interacts with the subtle body of the consumer to raise awareness and promote mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness facilitating full expression of the soul. 

2. Where did they come from?

Flower remedies have been used in many ancient cultures, but the first flower essences were made by British Physician Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s.  He developed the first 38 flower essences mostly from British wildflowers, but there is a vast variety available today. 

3. How do they work?

There is no scientific explanation for how essences work, but through use and practice in the years since they were first developed, we see that they do have a positive effect on wellness.  Through physics, we know that everything is energy.  To understand how flower essences work it is necessary to accept that our energy expands beyond our physical body – each individual has emotional, mental, spiritual and physical energy.  Our energetic bodies read and learn from the energy we interact with in our lives on a daily basis.  By using the essences, we are exposing our whole being to a nurturing source of energy -- the energetic pattern of the flower – the highest vibration of the plant.  Each type of flower has its own unique energy.  Flowering plants grow in all different places and under all different conditions, no matter the obstacles these plants have grown and blossomed into a full and beautiful outward expression of spirit.  All of the information that helped the plant to reach this point are held in the energetic pattern of the flower.  Our own subtle bodies of energy can learn from these patterns.  Your own energy body will integrate any useful information to help you overcome your own obstacles to grow and flourish in any environment.  Flower essences help us to raise our own vibration and to feel more aligned with our values, goals, and creativity and more ready to reach our own point of full expression.  While flower essences are not a physical cure, they do evoke specific qualities and clear unwanted energies that may be causing hardship to our physical bodies.  By raising our awareness and supporting emotional, mental, and spiritual health flower essences can bring us to a place where we are better able to cope with physical stress and more able to embrace physical wellness.


4. Who can take them?

Anyone can take flower essences!  Because they are nonchemical and have no side effects, they are completely safe for anyone, including children and animals.

5.  Are they safe?

Because flower essences are vibrational in nature, they can do no harm.  They are nontoxic and nonchemical and cause no side effects.  It is not possible to take too much or to overdose on an essence.  If you take an essence that is not right for your current situation, it will do no harm, only the energy that resonates will be absorbed.  You may take any combination of essences that you feel is right for you.  Any combination of essences will work together to support you.  Flower essences raise awareness of what is blocking us and this might be uncomfortable for some individuals, but this is a natural part of change and the discomfort will pass.    

6. When & how do I take them?

You may choose to take different essences in different amounts or through different means based on preference or intent.  Your stock bottles are good for 1 year. If taken orally, it is recommended that you use 2-4 drops of the stock essence in a glass or bottle of spring or well water 4 times a day.  The amount can be adjusted.  The entire energetic pattern of the flower is held in each and every drop.  A little can go a long way.  When you put the drops in a glass of water you are taking in the full effect of the essence with each sip that you take.  You may want to start out with less than 4 and then increase it if you feel the need.  Likewise, you may want to start at 4 and reduce if you feel able.  You may want to dilute the essences further into a dosage bottle.  To do this add 1 Tbsp of preservative (brandy or other 40% alcohol, apple cider vinegar, glycerine, or red shiso) to a 1 oz dropper bottle, then add 2 drops of each stock essence you would like to use, and fill the bottle with spring or well water.  This mix will last for 3 weeks.  If taking the essence directly from the dropper, be careful not to touch it to your mouth or hands.  If you do, rinse it in cold water.  If you are addressing something that involves acute episodes or specific times, like an inability to sleep at night or a stress or panic that comes up at a certain time or event, it is best to increase frequency at these times not amount.  You can take one drop every 5 min until symptoms subside or effect is felt, or you can mix the drops in a glass of water and space out the sips.  Flower essences can also be rubbed on the skin, usually on pulse points or temples, we offer any essence or essence combination in balm sticks which are convenient for on-the-go or in-the-moment application!  A few drops can be added to the bath, a few drops can be added to a spray bottle of spring or well water and misted around you, or a few drops can be added to a lotion or body product.  You may want to use the essence different ways throughout the day.  It is totally up to you. I recommend taking the essence orally at least once a day, but I encourage each individual find the modes that work best for them.  Take and use the essences in whatever manner feels right to you.

7.  How do I know if they work?

You will know by the way that you feel!  Flower essences do not generally create a momentous all at once shift, but because they support your awareness, you will know when you are able to release something that was blocking you or embrace something that was out of reach. Sometimes the shifts are subtle.  It may help to keep a journal so that you can see how your thoughts or emotions may change from day to day.  It may take up to the three days before it starts to take effect.  I recommend taking the essence for a week before you evaluate whether it is working for you so that you give yourself enough time to notice any change.  There is no harm in taking an essence that does not resonate with you, but if you find that it isn’t working, another essence may be a better fit. 

8.  When can I stop taking them?

If you absolutely feel that an essence is not doing anything for you, you should stop taking it and consider another.  If an essence does feel that it is benefitting you, I think a good sign that you can stop is when you start forgetting to take it.  When you are not aware of needing it, you may not need it anymore.  If you find you are no longer seeking the help, you have probably created the change!  I recommend taking an essence for at least 10 days.  Some circumstances may require a little longer, some a little less.  Once your system has learned and incorporated any beneficial information from the flower, you will not need to continue taking the essence on a regular basis.  If you still have some on hand, you may want to save it for a rough day or a circumstance that tests the lessons learned.  We all need gentle reminders from time to time!  In this case you will only need to take it in that moment of uneasiness to help you through.   

*We use muscle testing & dowsing for consultations.  Custom blends are available.