Nutritional Coaching FAQ

What is Nutritional Coaching?

Nutritional Coaching provides you with the basic knowledge needed to make healthier choices.  I do not advocate a particular diet plan unless you ask for it.  This main goal of this program is to ditch sugar, minimize processed foods, and sustain a balanced blood sugar by lowering carbs.


What can I get out of this?


The basic coaching package includes a 20 min phone consult followed by 4 hours of instruction in your home or via a Zoom conference (You will need to use your phone for this so that you are mobile).  You will get what you want out of it!  We will go through your cabinets and I will provide you with healthier options to replace any unhealthy fats and processed foods.  I can go with you to the store to find the things you need, or you can do this on your own, and schedule the remainder of your time at a later date.  You will also get instructions on how to adapt any recipe to a healthier version.  I will then show you how to prepare some quick, easy, healthy options in your own kitchen!  I find that a little bit of instruction goes a long way in boosting confidence and self-efficacy to move you toward your goals!  If you are interested in full program that offers emotional support as well, check out my Vital Health Boost Program that combines coaching and hypnotherapy services to help you create a healthier life!

Do you offer Dietary guidelines or advice?

The Nutritional Coaching package and Vital Health Boost program both focus on empowering you to make the next best choice.   We do our best to eliminate empty calories and choose more nutrient-rich options.  The basic plan provides no caloric or nutrient guidelines to track or follow.  These programs are focused on building an overall healthier lifestyle. I find that this is a more lasting  way to create change.  It is important however, to be aware of how you feel and be sure to get enough healthy fat should you decide to follow my advice on lowering carbs and stabilizing blood glucose.  You will receive general tips on this in the basic program. If you feel you are ready to commit, the upgraded packages include more specific information, including daily goals for macros and calories and a clear expectation of what weight loss to expect. I personally follow a clean ketogenic diet plan with great success, and will help you implement this in a way that you can sustain.  You choose your carb intake and activity level, and I will fill in the rest for you!


What is the difference between regular Nutrition Coaching and the Vital Health Boost Program?

Nutrition Coaching can be done in your home if you are within a reasonable distance (Your County/Baltimore County).  It includes food shopping and preparation instruction and a little bit more information about what "healthy" really is and how to implement it in your daily life.  The Vital Health Boost Program  is a self-paced 8 module course guiding you a healthier lifestyle.  You will use a combination of self-guided activities, videos, and hypnosis recordings to establish self-worth narrowing the gap between temptation and self-efficacy.  You will then define healthy in your own terms and choose your goals to support it.  You will work through underlying emotional triggers to unhealthy food choices and envision a clear goal for a healthier life.  You will be releasing cravings, clarifying our goals, releasing self-judgment, and building trust in yourself along the way.   Different levels of this program can be purchased to include some one-on-one nutritional coaching and/or emotional coaching as well.