Qigong Frequently Asked Questions

What is Qigong?

Qigong (pronounced “chee gung”) is an ancient Chinese mind-body practice that restores wellness, builds mental and emotional strength, reduces stress, and increases vitality. It is one of the four major branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is the sister practice of Kung Fu; Kung Fu being the more physical or "yang" practice while Qigong is the more spiritual or "yin" practice.  Because Qigong incorporates a variety of gentle breathing methods, flowing movements, and mindfulness meditation, it can be practiced by absolutely anyone, regardless of their age, health, religion, or fitness level.

What does the word mean?

The word “Qi” means energy or breath and is generally accepted as a reference to life energy, and the word “Gong” means cultivation translating literally to “energy or breath cultivation”. Qigong is a means of strengthening life force energy and developing skill around using this energy.

Historically what are the main areas that qigong practice and knowledge have been applied to?

Qigong has long been associated with Chinese Medicine, martial arts, and religion. The history dates back at leasts 3000 years. Doctors used Qigong as a means of healing and to improve their healing skills finding that personal practice improved healing abilities while assigning specific movements to patients speeds recovery from illness, lessens the frequency of illness, and speeds recovery from specific conditions. Martial artists used Qigong to improve endurance, strength, vitality, stamina, and resiliency.  Monks used Qigong to support the health of the mind and body and as an active form of meditation.

What style of Qigong do you practice and what does that mean?

I practice primarily in the Wah Family style of Qigong which develops both yin and yang to achieve balance.  The Foundation Pracitces are more yin focused but can be done at a quicker pace to support yang.  Different breathing patterns also develop yin or yang.  Heaven & Earth is a yin practice.  Wild Animal Play is a yang practice.  Kung Fu is the most physical or yang practice. Most people start out with yin practice.  I study under John Munro who studied under Dr. Alastair Bourne, one of two people originally trained in the Wah-Family style by Wah Li Yeung. 

What is a meridian?

A meridian is a pathway that energy flows along in the body. It is the collective activity of many types of energy. There isn’t really a good comparison in western medicine because western medicine tends to break things down into individual parts rather than looking at them collectively, so concepts like meridians don’t really occur in that paradigm.  Open flow of energy through the meridians supports all of the functions of the body and emotional health. 

How quickly will I master it and see benefits?

The best approach is to enjoy the journey, enjoy every practice session.  If you do not feel like you are very co-ordinated or you are doing things quite right, things will quickly improve as you practice regularly.  Most people can expect to see significant progress within 3 months of regular practice.

How are your classes formatted and how long do they take?

The current Foundation Class I am offering in a 50-60min class that includes a breathing exercise, a warm-up, a review of the 12 movements, a focus session on certain movements or breathing exercises, with a meditative focus on the emotions they address, and a full Foundation Practice set incorporating what you learn in the focus session.  They are held at Illuminated Soul in New Park, 411 New Park Rd AND at Artemis in Red Lion, 30 N Main St, 3rd Floor.  Qigong meditations and exercises from other sets like Heaven and Earth or Wild Animal Play, may be included from time to time should the day call for it.  If you are practicing at home, you can do a full set in 15 minutes!  Or a mini version in however many minutes you may have!

Call Illuminated Soul to Register there 717-746-4600

Classes on Thursday morning 8-9

If you are interested in another time, please let us know, we will adjust according to demand.

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Classes on Tuesday evening 6-7 pm

                   Wednesday morning 7:45-8:45 am

If you are interested in another time, please let us know, we will adjust according to demand.