"Deep in their roots all flowers keep the light."

                  ---Theodore Roethke

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Flower Essences

Essences come in 1/2 oz bottles of stock strength for $8.00 + shipping.  This is about 300 drops.  This can be further diluted depending on how you choose to use it.  We also offer any essence or essence combination in      5 mL balm sticks for easy on-the-go or in-the-moment application at $4.00 a tube.  Larger quantities or Custom Blends are available upon request for $10 with up to 4 essences. $8.00 Flat Rate shipping on all U.S. orders up to 3 bottles. If you are in the area, we also do consultations using muscle tests and dowsing to aid your selection.

Single Flower Essences

___Double Delight Rose: Boosts self-acceptance & interpersonal connection healing the heart.  Blossoming sense of self love bursts forth into full authentic expression.  Keeps it together during major transitions.

___Pink Aphrodite Hibiscus: Flower of joy, eases the weight of responsibility & the inability to express emotions.  Supports practical utilization  of creative genius & restful, restorative sleep. Opens the flow of creative expression.

___Clover Red & White: Learn to accept what is & focus on what can change. Accept love. Release patterns of denial & self-criticism.  Release need for control.  Strengthen root chakra, transform low frequency emotions. Also aids memory.

___ Pink Anthurium: Heals the past, clears & repatterns the Heart, & releases any underlying issues with a paternal figure or stemming from the father’s side. Brings love where it is lacking. Releases drama. Supports creative expression & circulation.

___Moonbeam Coreopsis: Light, cheer, joy, confidence. Supports release of any addiction & reduces cravings by establishing a sense of resourcefulness & awareness of what one has.  Relieves excessive analytical thought.

___Tomato Flower: Clears blocks, strengthens courage & self-belief.  Heal’s a quitter’s attitude, feelings of inadequacy, or fear of failure & replaces with stability & strength.  Empowers one to overcome addictions, compulsive behaviors, or perceived weaknesses


___Pepper Flowers: Dissolves complacency, procrastination, or resistance. A powerful healer clears repressed trauma bringing new energy, clarity, & focus.


___Okra: Releases fear, panic, & terror from all chakras along with excess weight from emotional baggage in the lower chakras.  See the good in anything. Release anxiety & stress. A great choice for panic attacks or PTSD.   

___Dandelion: Supports physical & emotional change at any stage or age. Clearing, expels toxins. Releases complaints, irritability, muscle soreness, tension, & addictions. Helps with focus & a difficulty following through.

___Orange Zinnia: Ease of growing, Instills gratitude, abundance, childlike joy & playfulness. Supports creativity & whimsical expression.


___ Asiatic Day Flower: Focused in the present. Brings back balance when there is business or a tendency to over extend.

___Moonflower: Strengthens intuition & supports healing from abandonment, rejection, or betrayal.  Restores trust & deepens connection to the soul.

___Morning Glory: Joyful receptivity to the possibilities of each new day! Open to receive blessings! Supports self-expression & resets disturbed sleep rhythms.

___Myrtle(pink&white): Good for healers/teachers. Supports constructive release of suppressed emotions and joyful embrace of love, connection, & prosperity. Supports open & clear relationships.

___Nasturtium: Come into yourself. Filters excessive energy out of your head connecting with your heart and body to engender physical life force, a sense of well-being and personal peace.

___Hosta: Lifts the spirit – joyous & carefree. Release excess worry. Promotes calm & restful sleep.

___Yellow Lily: Relieves high expectations & encourages enjoyment of the little things. Supports spontaneity, resilience, sensuality, communication, & a positive outlook.   

__Spearmint:  encourages desire to take in life, promotes deeper breathing, alleviates migraines, sinus pressure, nausea, or headaches.  Promotes a cool balance of vigorous life force and mellow calm.

__Pine: Grounding. Find calm in explosive situations and break down self-criticism. Promotes self-acceptance and self-lov


___ Maple: Rooted, nourished, & at peace with all creation. Helps w/pacing & restoring creative balance.  This one is great for kids!

___Echinacea: Breaks up stagnant energy, so that you may grow into a healthier sense of self. Allows us to recognize progress when we’re feeling slow.  Supports autoimmune & heals trauma.

___Lilac: Restores development stunted by dominant influences. Release any resulting perfectionist tendencies, accept worth and move forward.  Also helps to release grudges. 

___Salvia: Eases self-criticism. Finds peace with newly gained awareness & perceives the true value of love in relationships. Can help with fears surrounding preparedness for birth, hot flashes, & self-esteem.

___French Marigold: Longevity. Feel, accept, and release grief, jealousy, fear of failure, sadness, or anger. Connect to joy. Honor the end of what no longer serves. Helps to clear up misunderstandings and perceive the balance of order and chaos.

___Wisteria: Anchoring. Express and move through grief, accept loss, and open to new possibilities. Reconnect with faith & reap harvest in barren times.

___Sunflower: Balances female sensitive, nurturing & creative energy with male action-based, cognitive energy so that the creative/spritiual energies can be brought into concrete action with confidence & direction.  It is good to BE who you are, but with sunflower you will bring that being into fruition. Bring your actions into alignment with your soul so ALL that you are is reflected in all that you do!


___Sweet Potato Vine: Releases trauma. Restores communication in children or adults who have suffered trauma and are unable to express feeelings.  Promotes endurance, stability, and a balance of energy output with internal resources.  Encourages one to open & share the perceived burden.  Also supports adrenal & kidney function.   

___Poinsettia Flower: Works with the energy of hope to inspire a sense of wholeness and connection.  Brings a sense of Divine purpose and of love and belonging allowing one to find his or her role as part of the larger community. 

___Wild Violet: The essence of optimism and exploring new options.  Supports courage, happiness, and manifesting divine inspiration.  Encourages trust in new opportunities despite unknown outcomes.  This is a quickly spreading beautiful flower that is often seen and treated as a weed.  Supports gentle opening to the possibility of beauty in unexpected places and prolific abundance in all areas of life!

___Tulip Poplar (Tulip Magnolia): Protects the essence of who you are and creates boundaries.  Opens and allows expression.  Good for sensitive people questioning their own worth, helping them to sort through emotional overwhelm finding trust in themselves and all that they are.


___Queen Anne's Lace:  Grounded opening of sensitivities and spiritual expansion with physical grounding.​ Supports inner strength when scattered either internally or externally, bringing wholeness.  A reminder of the complete power within.

___Golden Rod: Minimizes disapproval of self. Empowers one to speak one’s truth in the face of societal pressure. Clarifies who you really are and grounds you in that expression. Find a true life and courageously live it

___Chamomile:  Helps us find our centers & creates a space for quietness. Establishes inner peace, calm, and stillness.  Feel safe & loved.
Releases emotional tension from the solar plexus  Soothes menstrual symptoms. Good for calming high strung puppies too.

___Yellow Wood Sorrel: Helps us maintain a calm experience of our own value in intense situations. 


___Milkweed:  Supports us in the specific actions necessary as we translate our creative ideas into form. It helps us remain confident in our vision even in the face of opposition so we stand true to our dream.

___Pennsylvania Smartweed: For those who believe that since they were hurt before, they will be hurt again. Encourages openness and willingness to receive love and encouragement from others.

___Butterfly Weed: Reminds you of the passion and pleasure of play.  Let go of your fears that you aren't being serious enough, and discover how you can accomplish your heart's desires with ease and playfulness.



Special Blends

Intuitive Strength

"I am connected to my higher self and trust in the wisdom of my own divine guidance."

Moonflower and Tulip Poplar come together to strengthen intuition and build trust in one's own ability to recognize and follow through on it. Good for those who feel stuck in doubt or not knowing.  Opens you to guidance and trusts in what comes.  


Youthful Anxiety & Confidence

“I am releasing anxious thoughts, free of any fears or insecurities and ready to discover and express all that I am ”

Pine, Pink Anthurium, Yellow Canyon Daisy w/Dandelion & Buttercup, & Double Delight Rose infused with Peacock Ore, Orange Citrine, & Hematite.


Beach Essence: Relax & Flow

“Life is abundant & I am enough. I thrive on shifting sands, flowing with love & serenity in the unfolding of the  moment.”

Fountain Grass, Marram Grass, Pink & Purple Aphrodite Hibiscus, Hosta, & Dandelion infused with Ocean Jasper, Blue Fluorite, & Amethyst, along with shells, rocks, & barnacles from various Atlantic & Vancouver beaches.


Essence of the Shenandoah  

“I am letting go! Free to be me in any situation, unattached to the outcome, and able to maintain a deeper sense of peace with whatever may come.”

Apple of Peru, Camphorweed, Purple Aster, White Snakeroot, Mountain Decumbent Goldenrod, & Sassafras infused with Hematite & Peacock Ore.


Divine Manifestation

"Divine energy flows into my life with ease!  I am open to all of the ways that it may appear!"  

Dandelion, Wisteria, and Wild Violet.  Supports transition from a seat of lack to a seat of abundance.  Helps to embrace the beauty of transformation, and allow flow.  Clears negative expectations that may be holding you back.  Helps with ease of growth and expression of divine inspiration, in a way that inspires the world.  Reconnects with faith in limitless possibility.  Encourages trust in opportunities despite unknown outcomes.  Supports gentle opening to the possibility of beauty in unexpected places and facilitates manifestation of prolific abundance in all areas of life!

Surrender & Release

“I am stepping out of my ego & into my own infinite connection to source, recognizing the strength in my own adaptability, the light in the darkest corners, & the magnitude of love & grace available as I open to receive!”

Morning Glory, Spearmint, Tomato, Pepper, Buttercup, Red Chestnut, Wisteria, Dandelion, & Moonbeam Coreopsis infused with the strength of the Red Rock Mountains  


Releasing Fear to Embrace the NOW

“I am releasing all  fear & negativity, calmly taking in all of the opportunities life offers.  I deserve to be happy.”

Okra Flower & Leaf, Pine, Hosta, Tomato, & Wisteria infused w/ Tourmaline, Hematite, & Argonite Star Clusters. Good for chronic fear, panic attacks or anxiety.  

Clarity & Focus of Excess Energy

"I am the balanced, harmonious, & constructive expression of all my energy."

Fairy Duster, Silverrod, Sugar Maple, Red Maple, Pepper Flower, Myrtle, French Marigold, & Sunflower

Recovering From Loss

“I express & release my grief without getting lost in it.  I am willing to grow through my losses, recognizing the value of all that has been and carrying that value into the future. In this sense, I have not lost.  I honor my experience and carry it with me to deepen my connection and my love moving forward.” 

Salvia, Wisteria, French Marigold, Myrtle, and Redwood infused with the strength and adaptability of the Red Rock Mountains. 


Habits & Addictions

“I love and forgive myself for the past and am ready to create a new future.  Everything I need is within me!  Day by day, I am embracing my strength and courage to create the life I want!”

Moonbeam Coreopsis, Tomato Flower, Pepper Flower, Lilac, Okra, Poinsettia and Echinacea, infused with Citrine, Hematite, & Peacock Ore.

Stepping Out of Martyrdom

“I am able to maintain my boundaries and free to experience joy in the moment.  I can care for others without neglecting myself!  I deserve love and happiness!”

Pink Aphrodite Hibiscus, Clover, Yellow Lily, Orange Zinnia, Hosta, & Asiatic Day Flower

Healing the Past

“I am releasing all the hurts of the past and opening to a new experience of life free from guilt, regret,  & blame.”

Pink Anthurium, Moonflower, Sweet Potato Vine, Maple, and Myrtle.