Free To Be!

Tap Into Your Sense of Wholeness

& Live Through It In the World

Do You Want To:

  • Get in touch with the real you?

  • Feel inspired to express yourself authentically?

  • Tune into possibilities for your fullest expression?

  • Find more fulfillment as you are in the now?

You're In The Right Place

What You Get:

  • Meditation Mp3 guiding your connection to spiritual wholeness so that you can tap more easily into it at any time!

  • Easy to complete yet powerful worksheet to spur aha moments and build your awareness of that wholeness in the day-to-day!

  • Journal Questions opening to the possibility of how that wholeness and connection can be fully expressed in your life!

  • Play Challenge to integrate what you learn in a fun new way!

  • All materials delivered by email in a downloadable format for your convenience! 

Your Provider

Kimber Bowers is an Integrative Mind Body Wellness Practitioner holding a degree in Transpersonal Mind-Body Psychology and certifications in Coaching, Reiki, Clinical Hypnotherapy, & Spiritual Counseling.  As an empath who suffered most of her life with Clinical Depression, PTSD, and Anxiety, she has now discovered the keys to joy and fulfillment and has made it her mission to help you find yours!  Creator of the online course Open & Receive: 4 Steps To Unleash Fulfillment, her personal 20 year experience of trauma and depression in combination with over a decade of spiritual and psychological study give her a unique understanding of those whom she serves.