Embrace Your Bloom!

Welcome to the 7 Module Program for Self-Esteem, customized to your individual needs.

This program uses a combination of hypnotherapy, coaching, Reiki, and other holistic modalities to suit you as an individual in breaking through the cycle of low self-esteem.


Low self-esteem influences all areas of life, increasing isolation, preventing effective bonding, limiting effective communication, lowering resiliency to any and all forms of stress, and deepening emotional turmoil.  This often gives rise to negative coping patterns, depression, lowered immunity, and other conditions.  


I will work with you to build your communication skills, identify negative emotional or thought patterns that may be keeping you stuck, build self-acceptance, improve your coping skills for any stress, and deepen your sense of connection so that you may open to full authentic expression and embrace your bloom!  You will feel open, confident, connected, and unafraid!

You are beautiful!  The world needs your light!  Embrace all that you are!

In a one on one format this program runs at $700.  Can be done in person or over skype.

I will be offering it in a group format in the upcoming months.  Watch the facebook page for updates.  Contact me today for more information!