Parenting in today's world can be a challenge.  Am I doing the right thing? Did I do the right thing? Am I sending the right message?  How do I best support my kids through the business of modern life? And how do I keep myself sane while trying to keep up with it?

The Inspired Parents' Initiative is a supportive and collaborative environment where parents just like you are exploring the same types of questions, growing through their experiences and empowering one another in pursuit of being the best parent, role model, and inspiration they can be!

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Connect, Grow, Inspire

Do You Tend To:

  • Worry about how you are handling a situation?

  • Get lost in the "should"s?

  • Feel overwhelmed by all of your responsibilities/roles?

  • Find it difficult to balance those roles and responsibilities in a way that honors your personal values?

  • Stress out over things that you later realize may not have been worth the energy investment?

  • Lose your patience and then feel guilty about it?

  • Worry about how your responses and actions affect your kids?

  • Find it difficult to maintain boundaries for your own self-care?

  • Want to teach your children about mindfulness and help them learn to cope with emotions and develop confidence, but have trouble finding the tools to do this effectively?

  • Wonder if your children or your partner is really hearing what you say and how you could communicate more effectively?

  • Want to support your children in the best way possible, but doubt your own ability to really identify what that is?  



Introductory Price $15 per month!

$1 For a 7 Day Trial!

What You Get When You Join the

Inspired Parents' Initiative:

  1. Access to a Private Facebook Group with monthly themes addressing all of these topics and more!

  2. A supportive community of like-minded parents growing their tool set and aspiring to be the best they can be.

  3. A judgment free zone in which to express your challenges and receive honest compassionate feedback and support. 

  4. Monthly teachings, activities, and challenges on tools that can bring more joy and harmony into your household.

  5. Stress Management, Mindfulness, & Communication techniques to help you work through any challenges.

  6. Monthly Q&A/Coaching call to ask questions and get discussions going on areas where you feel you need additional support

  7. Monthly featured member will share about what is going right for them, allowing us to learn from one another.

  8. Emphasis on a positive growth mindset inspiring our children through example to learn and grow with compassion for themselves and for others.  


Kimber & Nicole are both parents, just like you, who choose to embrace a positive growth mindset through all of the challenges in life.  Having both faced their own unique challenges & developed the resiliency to emerge stronger with a more diverse tool set, it is their mission to empower parents to embrace and accept their own growth process, facilitating them to become the best they can be and inspire their children to do the same. 


Nicole Frommel is a mom of three kids and three dogs, and an empowerment coach. When no one else believes in you and your dreams, including yourself, she is there to pump you up and see your brilliance. She knows that everyone has greatness in them, and that success is a matter of the actions you take, the mindset you choose and the support you surround yourself with.

Kimber Bowers is a mother of two beautiful children, 9 and 4,  living with her family in Dallastown, PA.  As a dedicated mom, Certified Mind Body Wellness Practitioner & Clinical Hypnotherapist, experienced in several holistic modalities, she carries a diverse set of tools to help others find balance in their day-to-day lives.  It is her mission to serve as reflection of the Love that IS, allowing others to discover their connection to it within their own hearts and their own lives. 


Introductory Price $15 per month!

$1 For a 7 Day Trial!