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Kimber is committed to bringing forth the best version of Dallastown Schools for parents, students, school staff, and the community at large. 

"I hope that by combining a focus on open communication and a willingness to consider all perspectives and needs with responsible and diligent action, I can bring a voice to Dallastown School Board that will serve the community as a whole."

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A Note From Kimber

I get it. It has been a difficult year for all of us and we have a lot to balance; the school board does, too. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Counselor, I have spent the last 12 years helping others overcome the obstacles to successful action in their own lives. It is my job to listen without judgment. It is my job to understand. And it is my job to help clients come up with clear and decisive actions to better their lives.


Whether building and creating a life of fulfillment for myself, volunteering to teach mindfulness and writing in Dallastown Elementary School, volunteering as a leader or chaplain for the BSA, helping adults establish a wellness practice to help them maintain balance through my work at local yoga centers, mentoring my own children through the challenges of life (including cyber learning), or working with clients one-on-one to create the lives they deserve to be living, my talent is meeting people where they are in order to facilitate growth to the next level.

I am an active listener and creative problem solver who considers the whole picture and seeks what is best for everyone. I am happiest when using these gifts to serve. 


This is who I am. And this is the spirit that I will bring to Dallastown School Board, a willingness to embrace where we are and acknowledge the places where needs of our community are unmet in order to take the necessary actions to create a better reality for all of us. 



Things I'm Thinking About:

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  • Communication. I plan to establish and maintain clear channels of communication with both school staff and parents. Clear and open communication that prioritizes considering the other perspective and seeks to find a resolution that serves the whole is paramount to maintaining a healthy community that seeks to honor all of its parts. Communication is free and communication is essential. Healthy communication can eliminate lawyer fees to resolve drawn out or stagnant negotiations.

  • Respect. What is respect? Respect is an acceptance and reflection of the value of another as they are. It involves a willingness to see and consider all needs without necessarily needing to understand them. There are many parts to the school community and they are all important. I will seek to hear the needs that are expressed from teachers, students, parents, and other school staff alike, and I will seek to honor all of them in the decision making process for both policy and budgeting.

  • Equity. I want to see the respect I mentioned offered across the board for all students, families, and staff in the school community. I want to see a climate of acceptance reflected in everything from interactions in the classroom to hiring practices for staff. I want to see consideration of varying needs on an individual basis for all students so that we can facilitate the best learning experience for all. 

  • Funding.  Our state funding is currently based on enrollment numbers from 1992. We are currently 8 million dollars underfunded. All school districts in York County except one are facing this problem. We need more state funding rather than relying on local taxes. The board does not have authority to change this, but I would like to join with neighboring districts to push for change in our state.   

If you are looking for a way to support this campaign, we appreciate any volunteering or donations! Check the links below to see how you can help!