Loving Light offers customized programs of holistic wellness services to help you find peace and create change in your life. We aim to help you achieve a sense of wholeness and release anything that may be blocking you from creating the life you want.  We offer Reiki treatments and training for spiritual healing and growth.  We offer Life Coaching in all areas, specializing in esteem, confidence, authentic expression and communication to support you in taking action to create the changes you seek in your life.  We offer Flower Essences working with your subtle energies to support your spiritual & emotional wellness & help build your dreams! We offer Nutritional Coaching to support you on a physical level! We offer Team Building and Corporate Coaching to raise team spirit, foster leadership skills, and improve communication lifting workplace environment and productivity for greater success.  We offer Hypnotherapy to aid you in changing habits and behaviors as well as letting go of limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.  Through a combination of these modalities, we can help you ditch the fear along with any negative coping mechanisms, and begin creating the experience you want! We are also offering HypnoSocials for groups working toward a common goal! We are here to support your growth and maintain your peace of mind through whatever services work for you!  Vision Workshops, Reiki Attunements, and Weight Loss & Fear Fighting Group Hypnotherapy as well as group cooking classes are offered as well!  Check out the Event tab,  Call or Email to request a schedule for group events or schedule an individual appointment today! 


In-home training guiding you to support your balance with healthy nutritional choices.  As an Executive Chef and Holistic Nutritionist, Kimber will help you to make-over your pantry and offer instruction in simple healthy preparation.  4hr training (can be split into 2 meetings) complete with shopping and recipes- $600 + food cost.  Distance options available.

Check out the Vital Health Boost Program for a combination of at-your-pace services to create a healthier lifestyle!

Usui Reiki  Treatments 

$45 for 30 min distant 

$80 for one-hour in-person session

By appointment.  

We believe everyone deserves access to healing! Ask about adjustments if needed!


Usui Reiki Training Group

Reiki 1         $150

Reiki 2 &        

A.R.T.            $250

Reiki 3 M/T  $300

FREE 15 min consultation. 


Individual 75 min session $150. Multiple session contract at reduced price.


Team & Communication Workshops available for families and businesses. Group Executive Packages available for Business/Corporate needs.  

FREE CONSULT & INTAKE. Individual 60-90 min session combining Coaching, Hypnosis, and Reiki & other modalities as needed $150. 

Three session contract $400. Six session custom program $780.

9 sessions $1150.

12 sessions $1,500. No interest payment plans available.  Group Sessions $65 a person. Past Regression or Future Progression sessions $150 first 90 min +$25 per additional hour.