What Should You Be Doing?

I know that I am continually encouraging you to "create" the experience you want... "create the life you want"... "create and embrace your JOY", and I am a firm believer in our power to create. Goals are important and creativity is powerful! But there is a necessary balance that requires a flexibility in what we are creating and an awareness of how we are creating it. We are creating continuously, but it is not the ego's creation that sustains. Goals are a choice as to how to express a deeper purpose. We are creative forces of divine energy! Creating in a way that allows that energy to blossom and flow through is the key to our happiness. It is part of our innate purpose to physically manifest divine inspiration, to bring it into the world in a concrete way! And we do this through all kinds of small creative processes that build up the full expression of our lives. Purpose is not found in the "what". It is found in the "how".

We create our own perceptions and from those perceptions we create how we see the world and how we move through it and how we affect others in it! We create our own mental, emotional, and spiritual state, and we affect others through that creation. Recent research even supports that we create our own physical state! Check out Dr. Bruce Lipton's work in epigenetics to learn more about that here . Yes, you are an infinite creator! You create your reality! A reality that is constantly interacting with everyone else's reality and that has the power to raise the vibration of the WHOLE!

But sometimes, when we think about creating, our ego-based thinking and physical nature lead us into the "what"s and the "do"s... "What do I create/do?" "What am I supposed to do?" "What should I be doing?" "What CAN I do?" "What am I good at?" "What can I do better than anyone else?" "What can I successfully do?" "What am I doing this for?" "What does this DO?" Not that these are bad questions, but I am finding that when we think of ourselves as "creators" we sometimes step into the role of needing to be individual creators, needing to be different, needing to be better, needing to achieve, needing our creation to be validated through worldly success or recognition. Because we are physical beings, we sometimes confuse "creating" with "doing", and begin to judge the success of our creation by "what" gets done or accomplished by it.

I think the more important question is in the "HOW". When I was younger, I remember my mother telling me that it didn't matter "what" I did, it mattered "how" I did it. Thanks, Mom, for planting that seed. Decades later I am ready to embrace that concept. It does not matter what physical thing you choose to create to express your divinity. The possibilities there are endless and none is more right than any other. It is simply a choice. What matters is how you go about it... how you create it, how you allow divine energy to flow through you. Success is not measured by worldly accomplishments. Success lies in your ability to embrace joy through whatever you choose to do in any moment. And how you bringing that joy into the world ultimately elevates the WHOLE! It does not matter what you do for a living or where you choose to do it. It does not matter what roles you choose to play or what items you choose to create. What does matter is how you approach them, how you play them, how you create them, and how you affect others through that approach! This is where you create a full expression of the Spirit within you that remains unaffected by external circumstance.

When we focus on the "what" of what we are doing, we sometimes get lost in that definition and our judgments of it. We sometimes fall into the idea that there is a "right" or "wrong" thing to do. And then we tend to give our power to the thing we are creating. We define ourselves through it. We measure our worth through it, and through the way it is received. And when the "what" doesn't go quite as planned, or on occasion seems to be out of our control, we perceive failure through it. When we focus on the "what", we are focusing on things that are external. And things change, and "what"s adjust. And that's okay! What we are doing or what we have the resources or opportunity to do, is dependent on external factors. Your "what"s should adjust! It is a sign of growing! Allowing them to adjust is a part of the journey! We can choose another "what" at any time. The "what" does not define you. Your power is in the "how"!

I don't care if you are scrubbing toilets or performing heart surgery! "How" are you approaching it? "How" are you using that chosen physical expression to manifest your spiritual inspiration? When you master the ability to live through the "how", you can maintain your happiness through any circumstance. You can bring your "how" to any "what". When you recognize the temporal nature of the "what" and how many infinite variations of the "what" are available, you will begin to recognize the depth of the "how" and how it can be brought into everything. Your "how" is your soul expression. When you embrace it, your "how" will adapt to any situation. Whatever you may be doing, do it with love, do it with compassion, do it with JOY! Finding the "how" that allows you to embrace these elements, is your uniqueness!

And how do you find that "how"? Open to it! Prayer, art, meditation, yoga, Qigong, personal reflection, all of these things may help, but really all it takes is awareness of your mental processes and definitions in the moment. Pay attention to your thoughts and adjust where necessary. Shift your focus from the "do"ing. Release the "what" for awhile. And simply bring your attention to the energy you bring to it... bring your attention to the "how". And eventually more "what"s will come to you. More choices will become apparent and you will become more resilient - more able to live purposefully through any means you may choose. It's that easy! Look and adjust!

Ask yourself, not "what should I do?", but "how can I approach anything I do with love, in a way that brings me joy?" And then share that joy with the world! Joy reverberates and lifts the WHOLE! Identifying the "how" that brings you joy is your purpose and it remains your purpose in any and every "what" you may come across!

Moral of the story: Don't get lost in the "what". My momma done told me: Your most purposeful creation is in the "how".

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Author- Kimber Bowers

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Kimber is a Certified Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and intuitive empath who uses her own experience navigating emotions and developing positive thought patterns to support others in discovering their own worthiness, developing a sense of connection, and embracing JOY in their lives. Through her own transformation, she has discovered the keys to living a joy-filled life and wants you to feel the same!  Discover the freedom to BE all that you are and embrace all life has to offer!  Connect with Kimber at www.lovinglighthw.com and join the FREE group The Joy Coalition for additional daily support! 

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