Listen to Who? Just Listen to YOU.

She told me to listen to the flowers. And let's face it, I'm a hippy. That really isn't too far out of my comfort zone. I knew exactly what she meant by it. At least, I thought I did, but as the conversation continued, I wasn't so sure. I wanted to believe what she was saying. I do believe it to an extent, but I wasn't prepared to take it quite as far as she was going with it, at least not specifically in the way she was saying. And I wasn't really sure how far I even wanted to go.

Does this ever happen to you? Do you ever want to believe in a fantastic possibility, but something in your brain is just not ready to accept that possibility as legit? Do you ever hear something that you are at first all on board with but then something in the interpretation just doesn't seem right? Do you ever feel something in your heart, but you can't figure out how to bend the logic you've learned to support it and you end up kind of wigwamming between the two? Do you ever question if the feeling is enough? Maybe you really know something, but you just can't find the right words or actions to express it in a way that makes sense? Maybe there are things you know that you just don't feel comfortable saying aloud?

Welcome to being human! Spiritual beings living through a physical experience, with only our brains to try to reconcile the two. What a big job that brain has! Sometimes, it needs a little time and space to do all this reconciling. If there is anything I've learned in life, it is to never write something off as impossible no matter how fantastical or absurd it may seem and to never assume that all the logic or knowledge is even available on any subject. When something makes me uncomfortable, I prefer to step back. I like to make space for my thoughts and consider different perspectives. I also like to allow for the possibility of different interpretations, acknowledging that there is more than one answer... that more than one can be true.

So when this intuitive, told me that all my dreams can be accomplished if I just go ask the flowers what to do, I gave myself some time to recognize that yes, I do talk to the flowers. I do connect with them. I do feel inspired by them. But none of that translates into direct action or instruction. And that's okay. Then I gave myself some room to doubt that I actually hear what they say. Maybe I'm missing something? Then I felt the need to ask other people and see if they could validate the suggested path of action or tell me it was okay to disregard logic. That didn't work so well. The more people who told me that "listening to the flowers" was ridiculous, the more I realized I believed it was sane. After I let that pass, I think that the problem may have been in the interpretation. She and I may have different ideas of what "talking" to the flowers really looks like, and again, that's okay. So, I put it to the test. I went out, and asked the flowers.

They didn't have much to say. Well, not audibly anyway. I feel the flowers, I don't really talk to them. Sometimes I get insight from them... but I seldom really have the words to describe the energy that I feel or explain the why behind it. Or maybe I do.... but I don't directly relate that knowledge to the flowers when I share it. However, as I looked at the moonbeam coreopsis in my untended rock garden, I recognized exactly what it was telling me. I listened. It is a beautiful cheery yellow flower that bursts forth out of the surrounding weeds with little to no care. Thriving in very non-optimal circumstances no matter how crowded or threatened it may get. And it reminded me, not to be boxed in- not to let other people's expectations or interpretations dictate the way that I express my divinity in this world. It reminded me to be open to however universal beauty may manifest in me... I let go of the advice I was offered on either end... releasing the idea of ridiculousness as well as the idea of rightness or enlightenment. Sitting in this flower's presence, I felt that my interpretation is key. Shining my truth in any environment no matter how crowded or how limited it may be is essential and quite possible. Not that she was wrong, more so that we can both be right. There are alternate routes to any goal. There is always more than one interpretation. The one that my soul is aligned with, is the one that I am here to express. I thought about different ways to interpret the message she had shared. And I thought about what "listening to the flowers" really means to me when you take away all of the action steps that were suggested. It means being open. It means allowing divinity to flow through me just as it does through these pretty little flowers. And I realized, I am already doing it. And I took that as a sign that I must be on my way to accomplishing all of my dreams!

Later I was tidying up around my house and I found a book of old reflections I had written on the trees and the way they blow. I recognized that many of the insights in that writing form the basis for the way I think and feel today. As I opened my brain to consider the possibility, it brought me the logic I needed for support. I suppose listening to plants is not a new thing for me. It was interesting to recognize that I have been doing something that initially struck me as illogical when mentioned in conversation for such a long time without ever trying to put it into words. It doesn't look quite as she described in my life, but it is nevertheless there. Maybe this is a call to appreciate that gift more. Maybe it is a call to recognize that the truth is the truth no matter how much it may be divided by our attempts to define it.

Space... Contemplation... and your brain will find the truth that resonates for you. That's what it does.... You just have to LET it do it's thing by allowing yourself to consider all the elements and being willing to entertain new things, no matter how awkward they may seem. So the next time someone tells you to ask your dog what to do about that business merger.... Don't write them off. Maybe he doesn't talk... but you can still sit with him and feel what you feel and see what you know, and you don't have to explain why or how. Come on, I know you love your dog. What do you have to lose (other than some cuddle time with your favorite furry friend)? The next time you doubt what you feel to be true because you can't exactly explain it, give yourself the space to recognize what it is. Take the time to explore the feeling and discover what it really means to you. Embrace the feeling, and the logic will reveal itself in time. The next time that you find yourself shuffling between logic and heart or unable to express the truth that you feel, the next time any suggested course of action or perspective makes you feel a bit uncomfortable yet somehow compelled at the same time, allow yourself to turn it over and find your own interpretation.

Remember you are here to express your unique aspect of divinity in the world. Allow your truth to unfold. No limits. No boxes. There is no such thing as a yes or no choice. You get to create your own answer. There is no such thing as black and white. You get to paint with a full spectrum. And you are free to change the color whenever you like.

If you need me, I'll be out talking to Daisy. It's kind of my thing.


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Author- Kimber Bowers

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