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Do you ever find yourself in an open space feeling a little lost? Unsure of where to go or what to do next? Maybe things have slowed down a little, maybe the routine has spaced out, maybe you just leaped a giant hurdle and are not used to having time to breathe... maybe it's as simple as you just got home from work at the end of the day and it doesn't feel right to let go and shift gears...

Seasons change. Adaptability is key.

I am feeling the brisk air this morning, listening to the crunch of leaves beneath my feet as I gather the last pepper harvest, and wondering what this new season will bring. Almost immediately my brain starts filling in all of the things that "should" happen. I "should" be taking the kids to get pumpkins for carving, helping to get this float finished for the Halloween parade, shopping and making gifts for Christmas, figuring out how to fill my classes, planning some kind of seasonally appropriate workshops, acquiring snow boots for my kids, setting up book signings for this next launch, booking a winter show, planning some custom cake orders, taking the air conditioners out... you get the idea. The list goes on.

I'm a list-maker. I think that a lot of us are. It's not necessarily bad. It's good to have plans and it's good to have goals, but the list does sometimes get in my way. There is a new season starting and I'm wondering, do I keep pushing in the same areas that I haven't seen much progress in thus far, or is it time to shift and adjust my focus? Maybe it's time for the season to change in my life as well. Or maybe I'm just impatient... What "should" I do next? Do you ever ask yourself these questions? Is this something you can identify with? How do we KNOW really KNOW when a season is ending? How do we know when to let go and when to pick up something new?

I decided to ask myself, what my intuition is telling me. And the truth is that I usually do know this answer even though I like to pretend sometimes that I don't know. I don't always like what my intuition is telling me! I'm working on it!

What is your intuition telling you? Go within and ask for guidance. It will come; I promise. You may not be fully ready to accept it, but it is there for you, when you ask.

I find that more often than not, my intuition is telling me to make space! To step back and to allow the universe to unfold for me. To stop making and doing and to just BE. I often resist this message because, well, I'm a DOer. The problem is that when I focus too much on DOing what I think I "should" be doing, I sometimes overlook the greater opportunities that the Universe brings to me. When I am OPEN, I receive MORE.

And I know that logically it doesn't make complete sense. "So, you are telling me to DO nothing and my life will improve? Everyone knows that creating something better takes right action!" I hear you! I get you! I believe that, too! However, "right action" is not "forced action." It is inspired action. It is embracing the opportunities that unfold for you rather than exhausting yourself trying to force opportunities that may not really be on your path. And the path is twisty. It isn't really possible to predict. If there is any consistency in life, it is in the tendency of the unexpected to reroute us along a different path, that we never would have consciously planned or have chosen, but in the end cannot imagine never having forged.

I am not saying that you have to do nothing. I am saying that no matter what you are doing, create the intention to stay OPEN. Be flexible. Be adaptable. Admit that you have no way of knowing what the "best" thing to do is... that there possibly is no "best" thing to do; and stay open to whatever comes your way no matter how "good" or "bad" it may seem on first response.

All of this thinking about what to do with my current career choices and direction, inspired me to look back on my previous career and the success I achieved there. I was looking for a pattern of action. I am surprised to admit that the pattern is in the space. It is in the allowing. The opportunity that led me to the top of my career as an Executive Chef, was completely unexpected. I wasn't looking for it; I wasn't pushing for it. In fact I wasn't anywhere near a kitchen at the time, and I wasn't even sure I wanted the opportunity. I had to open myself to it. That opportunity came based on an impression I had made previously. I had shown up, I had been my best self, and someone remembered. Similarly, last year, I was asked out of nowhere to write a passage for a book. I wrote authentically without expectation. I honestly wasn't even sure it would come to publication. This week, that book became an international bestseller. I accepted the opportunity. I showed up, I gave it my best, and I am now receiving the opportunity to speak and to write more in connection with this publication. Thinking about this, has led me to conclude that when we show up as ourselves and put our best selves forth, the Universe will bring the opportunities that align with that... in its own time. We do not need to push. We do not need to "make" anything happen. WE simply need to be who we are and allow the right opportunities to unfold for us.

So here I am, making some space. Sitting in the chill autumn air and allowing myself to embrace this transition, without getting wrapped up in it. I am deciding right now to simply BE the fullest version of myself in every moment, and allow my interactions and impressions to form into the next "right" opportunity, whatever and whenever that may be.


Are you?

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Author- Kimber Bowers

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Kimber is a Certified Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and intuitive empath who uses her own experience navigating emotions and developing positive thought patterns to support others in discovering their own worthiness, developing a sense of connection, and embracing JOY in their lives. Through her own transformation, she has discovered the keys to living a joy-filled life and wants you to feel the same!  Discover the freedom to BE all that you are and embrace all life has to offer!  Connect with Kimber at www.lovinglighthw.com and join the FREE group The Joy Coalition for additional daily support! 

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